lebanon park

Our client has recently purchased an elegant arts and crafts home near Twickenham Riverside and want to enlarge their home and make it fit for a modern family for years to come.

The house is locally listed (BTM) and within a Conservation Area.

The client liked the arts and crafts architecture of the existing house but wanted a modern, open plan living space to the rear and additional spaces for a playroom for their young family.

The developed scheme involves the demolition of a muddled 1.5 storey 1980’s rear extension and the addition of a full basement and two-storey full width rear extension. A wrap over glass skylight / window provides a clean visual break between the existing house and the new modern extension.

The basement and ground floors are linked at the rear through the addition of an exciting two-storey high (6m) guillotine door system and a double height light well. The doors open vertically to provide a full width opening with no stacked door sets in the way, as well as a side door for use though the cold winter months.